The time is right

eMobility is entering a new era. It is no longer solely the domain of start-ups, large electricity utilities and oil companies. Any business, for example retail, lease, or service company can join our platform and start an eMobility business. Take advantage of the combination of charging a car and a visit to your local grocery shop or make sure that charging a car connects seamlessly with your loyalty program.

We are inspired by electric vehicle driving as one of the important steps towards a sustainable world. Our track record working with one of the main players on the Dutch EV market makes us the ideal partner for your business plan.

TandemDrive provides the complete platform for all your eMobility business needs.

TandemDrive is our second generation platform where we included many improvements in architecture and feature-sets that we learned from our earlier platform. TandemDrive combines performance with reliability, and quality with a low cost of ownership.

Save money, make your own deals

Running your own mobility service provider operation means you don’t have to pay the markup for a full service solution. It also means that you have complete control over the deals between MSP and CPO. This can be very interesting to parties that are already involved in for example energy retail or charge point operators.

TandemDrive charges fees per token and charge point, not a percentage of the charge session cost.


A TandemDrive installation can host multiple brands and multiple countries, all nicely separated in different administrations. This solves administrative challenges from for example mergers of mobility service providers. A single installation can also be used as a whitelabel platform that operates multiple brands.

Ready to run

TandemDrive is hosted solution, a Software as a Service or SaaS in short. Ask for an account and your installation is up and running in a day. Setup a pricing plan, hook up to the API and you are open for business. The uncomplicated Web API integrates with platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Mendix and other low code platforms.


  • The TandemDrive application was designed for accounting transparency and compliance in the complete process from receiving charge sessions to sending out invoice lines.
  • TandemDrive is a member of the OCPI working group and we are thus aware of all the intricacies of this broadly used roaming protocol.
  • The TandemDrive development and hosting teams work with a ISO 27.001 certification, which means they are in control 24/7 and focus on managing risks, and maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • The TandemDrive software is hosted in the European Union and complies with European regulation regarding data protection and privacy (GDPR).

No vendor lock-in

We enable you to run your own MSP/CPO ID-code in a TandemDrive installation; That is the ID that prefixes charge card and charge point ID’s, such as ‟NLTDR”. This means that you can switch to a different emobility platform and take your existing customers with you.

You are not forced to use bundled applications. The API gives you complete control. This means you can create or re-use your own customer-facing smartphone app, for example. Of course, our experts are ready to help you think through the best solution and how to get started quickly.

Build on our experience and dedication

TandemDrive is building on more than 10 years experience writing software for the burgeoning sustainability, smart metering and EV markets. We know about electric power, sustainability, accounting and customer experience. Our team can give you full support and involvement in the product development roadmap.

Future proof

The TandemDrive team continually follows new developments in the EV market. We are represented and involved in the EV Roaming Foundation and keep the software up-to-date with the latest standards.