Smart software, smart results

The TandemDrive software turns charge sessions into accurate financial transactions for drivers, mobility service providers and charge point operators.

TandemDrive works for both mobility service providers (MSP) and charge point operators (CPO). That’s why we have ‟tandem” in our name: we make sure both parties can work together. The platform contains a raft of features that provide the essentials for running an EV business:

Write smart business rules and take advantage of smart deals

TandemDrive is designed to work with rate rules to compute the cost of the charge session transaction. These rate rules can take a variety of business logic into account. The software is designed to handle all common business deals between charge point operators, mobility service providers, and customers from a simple user interface.

The user interface makes it easy to build rules based on:

  • CPO and CPO Tariff code
  • Country
  • AC or DC charging
  • Duration of charging
  • Consumed energy (kWh)
  • … and many more charge session properties


TandemDrive is designed to fulfill all legal accounting requirements in Europe for billing and invoicing, taking the complexity of charging infrastructure and car lease contracts into account. This also includes differentiation of VAT in EU countries.

Changes in time

The TandemDrive software is designed from the ground up to deal with changes in time. For example, changes to rates and subscriptions can be scheduled ahead of time. Billed sessions can always be explained in terms of rates, tokens and subscriptions, despite for example contract terminations and replaced charge cards.

Validation and fraud prevention

All charge sessions are checked for standards (such as the ‟eViolin Code of Conduct”), probability, fraud and validated on agreed-upon roaming contracts.

Tax legislation and foreign currency

TandemDrive can run multiple administrations for one installation so that an operator can have financial reporting in multiple countries with their own tax legislation and currency.

The application converts costs to the designated currency of an administration based on ECB (European Central Bank) rates.

Driver, employer, mobility provider and charge point operator: complexity!

The TandemDrive software is able to deal with the complicated invoicing logistics that come from having a charge point installed at home, for example; Does the home owner need to reimburse the money for charging the company car with the mobility provider? No problem, we’ve thought of that.

Ease in operation: bulk handling of drop out cases

In practice a small amount of charge sessions may not be handled automatically. Sometimes the information in the charge session is incomplete or implausible or for expired subscriptions. Such sessions are grouped together in drop out cases. One can quickly remediate these drop out cases in the user interface with for example new rate rules or by providing instructions on how the charge sessions should be handled.

Basic checks Lookups Advanced checks Rate determination Calculations Incoming charge session Priced charge session 1 Reprocess instructions

Roaming agreements: Making business deals that work for MSP and CPO

Negotiate the roaming contracts yourself and arrange the best price for your customers. You are in control of the tariffs that you want to charge for your customers at third party charge points.

The mobility service provider can get a grip on the costs from the CPO side while still keeping the promise of predictable tariffs to its customers: TandemDrive shows you the revenues, costs and margin per roaming partner, per time period. The user interface makes it easy to adapt the rate rules for specific CPO’s.


TandemDrive hosts an Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) to connect with other MSP’s, CPO’s and Hubs so that your drivers have a seamless roaming experience. Charge session information arrives in near time over OCPI with complete information to decide on the pricing.

In contrast to ad hoc solutions such as sharing spreadsheets with charge session data, OCPI allows for automated and immediate computation of session prices. This means that the customer and you have immediate insight into for example current monthly costs.


Note that TandemDrive also connects with hubs such as e-Clearing, Gireve, and Hubject so that you can quickly connect with large amounts of CPO’s without setting up individual peer to peer connections.

Connect to all known hubs in Europe, and let your drivers charge at over 200.000 charge points everywhere in Europe.

Use our API to connect your back-office to TandemDrive

TandemDrive provides a convenient API to connect your back-office with TandemDrive:

  • Analytics
  • Billing / Invoicing / Payments
  • CRM
  • Customer service
  • Financial settlement
  • Subscription management
  • Token management
  • Complete and detailed charge session information in personalized portals

The TandemDrive API is based on best practices and integrates conveniently with other platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Mendix and other low code systems.

Please ask us for the possibilities offered by our API to integrate TandemDrive in your IT environment.


Businesses with exceptional requirements can use our flexible scripting engine to write arbitrary logic for the session price computation. For example: Charge a fee of €1 per hour after the first hour, up to a maximum of €8 to encourage customers to make room for others. Scripting can handle that and many more real-world cases.

Software as a service

TandemDrive is Software as a Service (SaaS). This means we provide the software together with hosting and support. All TandemDrive customers automatically get all new releases to benefit from new features.

TandemDrive also monitors the operations with the various parties in the OCPI communications and other backends such as Hubject. This means that outages are detected early and billing will not be delayed.

Information security

TandemDrive is backed by an ISO 27.001 certified team, both for development and hosting. Please ask us if you want to know more about our security policies. One can define different data retention periods for many different data types to ensure compliance with privacy regulation.

Ready to scale

We have robust and modern software practices in place and are able to quickly deploy more TandemDrive instances and let these instances scale to millions of transactions daily. TandemDrive is not held back by legacy software or outdated infrastructure.