Build your EV business on the TandemDrive eMobility platform

Roaming / pricing / settlement

Smart software, smart results

TandemDrive offers a complete, feature-rich platform for accurate and transparent pricing of charge sessions for mobility service providers and charge point operators. TandemDrive is in daily use at a market-leading mobility service provider, with high-volume EV transactions and a sophisticated multi-country setup.


The time is right

Have you considered the business opportunities that arise from running a mobility service provider or charge point operator? Having your own MSP or CPO business means having the ability to make deals on energy buying and selling. Or do you have multiple legacy systems and are you looking for a single multi-tenant system capable of running a whitelabel solution? Our team of experts can take your business to the next level.

Charge cards

150.000+ TandemDrive services over 10% of the Dutch EV market

Charge sessions

1.500.000+ were processed by TandemDrive in the last three months.


99% of transactions are processed in real time.

Dedicated people

Our team is dedicated to build secure and future-proof software solutions. Do you have an idea for a business and you are not sure about the scope and depth required to work with EV data systems, or the do’s and don’ts in EV? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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